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DVD-R, CD Media                   03/Aug/2011   Prices will change without notice


LG 16X DVD-R Spin 50PK Printable $13.00 inkjet Printable


Sony Dual Layer DVD+RW/+R  $28

CD-R         -  
CDR-RITEK RITEK White Printable CD-R 80min 50 Pk  $    13
DVD-R       -  
DVD-RITEK-8x RITEK 8X DVD-R Printable Media 50Pk  $    13
DVD-RITEK-16x RITEK 16X DVD-R Printable Media 50Pk  $    15
DVD-RITEK-DL-R RITEK 4X DVD-R DUAL LAYER 8.5G Printable Media 25Pk  $  40
DVD-RITEK-DL+R RITEK 8X DVD+R DUAL LAYER 8.5G Printable Media 25Pk  $ 37
Blu-Ray          -  
DVD-RITEK-BDRE RITEK 25GB Blu-Ray Re-Writeable Single Disc Jewel Case  $        9.80

Pioneer BDR-206BK blu-ray writer No SW
Product Code: 10BDR206BK
$159.00  inc GST

Pioneer BDR-206BK blu-ray writer with SW
Product Code: 10BDR206BKRP
$178.00 inc GST

Sony BD5300S OEM Blu-ray writer No SW

SATA Interface

  • Up to BD-R 12x write speed
  • Blu-Ray 3D Playback capable
  • OEM drive, no software included Product Code: 10BD5300SOB

$189.00 RRP inc GST




Verbatim BD-R DL 50GB 5pk JC 6x 10V43748 $ 45


Shintaro BD-R DL Blu-ray 50GB 6X IJ $6.50

  • Dual Layer 50GB Capacity
  • For Data and HD Video
  • Quality A Grade Surface
  • Wide Inkjet surface
DVD-PIONEER-118L-BLK Pioneer 118L DVD +/- R Burner 22x IDE Dual Layer Black OEM w/ SW  $  42.60
DVD-PIONEER -219L Pioneer 219L DVD +/- R Burner 24x SATA Dual Layer Black OEM w/ SW  $  39.00
DVD-SAM-SH222AB Samsung S22AB DVD +/- R Burner 22x SATA Dual Layer Black OEM w/SW  $  33.00
DVD-SLIM-USB External USB Supermulti DVDRW Drive (USB Powered)  $   76.20
DVD-SAM-SHB123A Samsung SHB123A BLU RAY 6x /DVD +/- R 16x COMBO SATA Dual Layer Black OEM w/SW  $   89.40
DVD-PIONEER-BDR206 Pioneer 206 Blu Ray +/- SATA 12x Dual Layer DVDRW/Blu-Ray Writer Retail w/SW  $ 184.00

LG SATA Blu-ray Combo Drive Retail
Product Code: 10L-CH10LS20
$80.00 RRP

DELIVERY CHARGES ARE EXTRA $10 FOR Under 5 Kg   SA AND EASTERN STATES OF AUSTRALIA  sales@batcomp.com.au                     Prices will change without notice